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  • Customized Rental/Service
  • Cost Efficient, why pay more?
  • Reputable / Superb Customer Service
  • Flexibility, we can accommodate
    almost anyone with a valid driver's license
  • No underage surcharge for renting
    to customers under 25 years of age

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21 Years of Age

We at 3A Rent A Car believe that if you can join the military at 18 years old, can smoke and drink at 21 years of age, we should be able to rent a vehicle to you at 21 years of age without the hefty surcharge that other agencies usually charge.

Cash Rentals

When renting a vehicle (car, truck, van), a credit card is often a requirement of the rental as it serves as a deposit. At 3A Rent A Car, we do accept, Visa, MasterCard and American Express; however, it is also possible to rent a vehicle from us without a credit card

Pickup and Delivery

A customer can rent a car while needing car repair. 3A Rent A Car will pick up and deliver a vehicle to customers at no extra charge if they are in a 10 mile radius.
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